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About Us

Uno Media & Entertainment began with the dream of a music festival with meaning. The Blues Ball was the brainchild of founder, Thomas Adams. In 2016, just before receiving his Bachelor's in Music Composition and Theory, Thomas was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. After going through surgery and chemotherapy, Adams felt compelled to raise awareness and give back to men's cancer victims. With the help of his fiancé, Haley Lucero, The Blues Ball was born.


The Blues Ball was a day-long benefit music festival that showcased Oklahoma-local artists and businesses. The proceeds of this charity event went to The Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. Since the success of the event, the couple has broadened their reach in the entertainment industry. Lucero and Adams have received their MSF and MBA, respectively, and are hard at work to bring high-quality entertainment to Denver.


Growing from humble beginnings in event planning, Uno Media & Entertainment now offers many services including photography, videography, marketing and branding consultation, and is quickly growing to be a social media influence for the arts and entertainment industry.

"In my experience, I have noticed that the entertainment industry can be quite ruthless. The goal of Uno.ME is to bring heart and partnership to such a cutthroat industry. I believe in the power of building on each other's strengths and creating a lasting relationship. Ultimately, what people think of you will decide your success, therefore, you should be kind and helpful whenever you can."

Thomas Adams, Founder/CEO of Uno Media & Entertainment

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