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(Possibly) The Last Show of 2020. Definitely the Most Unique

A few weeks ago, Andrew Ricci of Luna Shade reached out to us and invited us to their next show featuring their newest work, “Sound to Sound,” produced by Chromatic Vision Studios. Naturally, we could not pass up a chance to see this fantastic Fort Collins-local reggae band at what might possibly be the last show of the year.

As readers know from Andrew’s previous interview, he’s more than capable of delivering some awesome hits with the six-piece reggae band after his years of Caribbean inspiration in St. Croix. “Sound to Sound” is no different. As the band’s new release, it would also feature their debut music video, shot by Darrin Williams Media. The song features horn players Andrew McKee and Chris del Camino of Hirie. Luna Shade’s newest hit is well produced and makes the listener fall into an island/latin/hip-hop groove. The song features Archive, an up-and-coming Fort Collins hip-hop artist who brings some serious flow to the scene.

Now—the show. On Friday, November 20 guests arrived at Chipper’s Lanes in Fort Collins, unsure of what to expect. A “Live on the Lanes” production and everyone was sure to be in for a treat—but what about COVID?

The location provided parties of up to 8 people, separated by multiple lanes and plastic panels separating the parties’ booths, which were surprisingly soundproof. This made the experience feel very intimate, as guests could only hear those in their booth and the music. The stage was set right in the center five lanes with plastic panels in front of the band. Attendees had their orders taken at their lanes with their food and drinks delivered to their seats. This environment was a very creative and unique way to showcase a fantastic local artist. The lighting in the venue was also amazing. Between the colors onstage and the retro blacklights used everywhere else, the venue provided a wicked “Stranger Things” vibe while keeping the party alive in the center of the lanes. We hope to see more events out of Chipper’s Lanes, as well as many more creative solutions from other innovative local event spaces.

The show was electric. The group provided some classic original hits like “Smoke It (Ganja Song)” and “Summer Love” with a few covers from acts like Rebelution and The Grateful Dead. During the main band’s set break, Archive took charge of the stage and delivered a several high-energy hip-hop tracks with deep and clever lyrics featuring “One Love” and his upcoming track “Stopwatch.”

Photos By Thomas Adams

Currently the venue has tickets on sale for an upcoming show in December featuring Wood Belly who won the Telluride Bluegrass Festival band competition in 2018. Due to rapidly changing COVID restrictions, however, there is potential for this event to be postponed. Hopeful bowlers and concertgoers will need to reach out to Chipper’s Lanes for more information.

We wish all of our readers a happy holiday season! Please be safe and stay healthy. We hope this was not the last live music event of 2020, but Colorado has found many innovations in the entertainment landscape and we look forward to attending the next creative show.

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