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Our First Post

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

For our first post, we think it's necessary to explain what Uno Media & Entertainment, also referred to as Uno.ME, is all about. Uno.ME was born out of a desire to provide quality entertainment sources from reliable, transparent sources. As our audience grows, we hope that so will our understanding of you, our consumers, so that we can provide stellar service and content. So let's get started!

Thomas Adams, our owner, had always been an ambitious individual. At eleven-years-old, Adams created a petition to stand against Warner Brothers in their newest project: The Lunatics, a Looney Tunes spin-off. Even at such a young age, Adams had an idea about what the public thought was important. While Saturday morning cartoons are hardly the most important issue to tackle, an inspired eleven-year-old passed a petition around his school, then his neighborhood, then the state, then the world. Luckily, Thomas was able to secure help from a family friend, Rod Copeland. Copeland provided website creation services and set up an email so that The Adams Family could review all signatures and emails. After being interviewed by various news outlets, including MSNBC, CNN, and NPR, Adams was able to secure millions of letters and signatures from all over the globe protesting WB's concepts. Ultimately, the company was forced to redesign their characters and produced, what the public believed, was a higher-quality television show for children and adults alike.

Fast-forward eleven years. In March 2016, Thomas Adams was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer barely a month before receiving his Bachelors in Music Composition and Theory from The University of Tulsa. Haley Lucero, his then-girlfriend, supported Adams tirelessly not only through an orchiectomy and chemotherapy, but through his efforts to create the company's first music festival, The Blues Ball. The day-long festival was a non-profit event featuring Tulsa-local artists and businesses that banded together against a single cause: Men's Cancers. Sponsored by The Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation, the Adams-Lucero duo was able to provide a high-quality event and donate thousands to men's cancer research and medical scholarships. Throughout the process, Thomas and Haley made a lifelong friend in Ken Lane, a Tulsa-local marketer and musician who had also finished the same experiences in a testicular cancer diagnosis, whose help proved vital in the organization of talent and sound engineering.

Fast-forward another four years. Adams received his Masters in Business Administration from The University of Colorado in August 2019. With the support of his fiancé and business partner, Adams and Lucero founded Uno Media & Entertainment in the summer of 2019 with the purpose to provide high-quality media services while supporting the community through the advancement of health, wealth, and the arts. Through dedicated growth and support, Uno.ME has managed to quickly create a following and many loyal friends and partners. Adams has been quoted by saying, "The goal of Uno Media & Entertainment is to provide heart and partnership within such cutthroat industry. I believe in the power of building on each other's strengths and creating a lasting relationship. Offering help without the promise of anything in return is the key to success."

Currently, the pair is unstoppable. They have formed many alliances with talented and profitable partners by providing marketing services through photography, videography, and social media. Some partners include Two Parts, Westword, Youth on Record, Big Gigantic, and Growler USA Highlands.

The company hopes to provide another day-long benefit festival by Summer 2020. The HEARt Concert Series will feature Colorado-local artists and businesses while supporting causes important to the Colorado population. Youth on Record has already provided support and Uno.ME hopes to get many more partners onboard in order to provide the highest-quality benefit music festival experience. @heartmusicfest

Twitter: @uno_media_ent @concertheart

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